The last time we checked in with Lauren Southern, the Canadian political activist and alleged member of the alt-right was headlining a Patriots Day rally in Berkeley, Calif., that was supposed to celebrate free speech but instead featured pepper spray, some flash-bangs, fireworks, and possibly brass knuckles.

That was April. Now, in June, protesters in several cities across the country held anti-Sharia demonstrations, which opponents (and some supporters, judging by their signs) took to mean anti-Muslim. Protests were admittedly small, but the antifa (anti-fascists) were on hand to do whatever it took to drown out the protesters in the name of … anti-fascism, apparently.

Southern was in attendance at the New York rally, where she was sprayed with something awful.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change caught the sneak attack on video.

Tim Pool says he was roughed up by an antifa counter-protester as well.

Alex Rubenstein of posted far more videos than we can fit here, but check out his Twitter feed (@RealAlexRubi) for the complete set.

Elsewhere around the country:

There were unconfirmed reports that an Oath Keeper at the New York City rally had suffered a heart attack and died, but a post from the Oath Keepers denies that report. Photos do show EMTs responding to treat a man on the ground who was being shaded by others holding American and Blue Lives Matters flags, however.

“Post-racial” America under President Obama was bad enough; it’s honestly shocking to see things become this much worse.

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