Well, this is interesting. Just when it looked like the phenomenon of woke toddlers sharing their insights on the Trump administration had been killed off with the help of Chelsea Clinton, Slate decided to up the ante by publishing a piece by “A Fetus.”

It’s funny, because progressives have been arguing that late-term abortion should be legal because a fetus has no feelings, and yet this particularly woke clump of cells finally decided to break its silence to pen a letter to the Office of Management and Budget.

Yeah, well according to its “bio,” the author “is a fetus who will be born sometime during the Trump administration,” so it must be one of those wanted fetuses that some people like to call a “baby.”

Why did the fetus reach out to Mick Mulvaney? Because it wanted to share its solution to avoiding those budget cuts that can never be mentioned apart from the otherwise useless word “draconian” — “I just raised taxes, muchacho. It’s not rocket science.” A Fetus also touches on the Social Cost of Carbon and yet remains selfish enough not to beg to be aborted to eliminate its own carbon footprint.

* * *