Marchers who fought for a $15 minimum wage during the Obama administration took to the streets again Tuesday, including President Trump with longstanding enemies like McDonalds, free markets, and capitalism.

As clear and as limited as the Constitution is in its scope, one can always find a few more rights hidden in there that the founders had intended to include. Marchers Tuesday demanded not just $15 an hour but child care, free college, immigrant rights, and more, along with freedom from hate, fascism, and the need to ever work two jobs to make ends meet.

Step 1. Take down McDonalds and Trump; Step 2. ??? Step 3: Profit.

We’d say Tyree’s employer is awfully patient if he’s been fighting at his store for a quarter of a century and still has a job there.

It rained on the protesters in Chicago’s Daly Plaza, but a new story out of the Washington Post threatened to put a damper on things as well.

Marchers even found a way to work climate change into their demands.

Look, intersectionality! Just like at the March for Science.

A degree from Northwestern in what? Just curious.

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