President Donald Trump’s trip abroad kicked off in Saudi Arabia, and obviously there was going to be some sort of greeting involved. Fox News contributor Steve Cortes reported Saturday morning that an order not to bow came from the very top:

Talk about Faux News … maybe Trump didn’t bow to the Saudis, but plenty accused him of sneaking in a little curtsey.

John Roberts, also of Fox News, chimed in a bit later to clarify that the bow wasn’t a greeting of any sort; the president was bent over to receive a medal, which frankly would be difficult if not impossible to miss from the video.

Trump’s greeting certainly didn’t look like a repeat of Barack Obama’s.

“Obama” and “mistakes” in the same tweet? What’s taking PolitiFact so long to get on this?

We can see where this is heading, not that there was any surprise.

The Obama administration’s Ben Rhodes, credited with strategizing and running “the successful Iran-deal messaging campaign,” suddenly found himself out of another job, since all hypocrisy had been mined out of human existence.

Wouldn’t you be closer to the end of hypocrisy if you complained about the media’s unfair treatment of Obama and attempted to stir up some sort of controversy over Trump’s bow?

Besides, this is how you stir up trouble.

When he curtsied, you mean, like a little girl — not that there’s any shame whatsoever in a 70-year-old man identifying as a little girl.

You know who never, ever would have curtsied in front of the Saudis? Hillary Clinton — but she wasn’t there today for some reason.

If they look beyond the “curtsey” and review closely video of Trump’s visit today, members of the resistance might see something that really will outrage them: the president making headway on his foreign policy agenda, despite warnings by pundits and the media that he shouldn’t leave the country — especially after a week filled with scandalous bombshells, like the time he made James Comey want to hide in the curtains.

And that story came from the leftist media itself; there’s no blaming Fox for that one.

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