After reports that President Trump would like to see Michael Flynn eventually rejoin the White House in some capacity, it’s pretty clear by now that he’s going to surround himself with whomever he chooses, ignoring the advice of Democrats and often Republicans as well.

Still, it was a shock to many this week when Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke told WISN he was accepting an appointment to the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke’s office is being investigated after an inmate died of dehydration, and the man’s sons have filed suit, claiming their father was “subjected to a form of torture” while in solitary confinement.

It wouldn’t seem as though the case against Clarke could be more damning, and yet …

Please, not another “bombshell” this week.

The repercussions were swift, with Trump in an emergency conference call with reporters immediately disavowing any connection to Clarke. No, wait, that didn’t happen, but the library did remove Clarke’s thesis for review of the charges, even though it appears to be an open and shut case.

Honestly, we’re not trying to dismiss plagiarism: it’s theft and a violation of the most basic academic standards. Journalists of all people are aware of how serious plagiarism is; that why any serious reporter does some minimal rewording of each new press release from liberal advocacy groups and think tanks before typing it up for publication.

The week really was front-loaded with bombshells, wasn’t it?

Before the news broke, Clarke gave a heads up to his followers.

Uh oh; the news is spreading.

* * *