If the contest were to name the member of Congress who’s mentioned President Trump’s impeachment the most, it would have to be Rep. Maxine Waters, who issued this tweet in March. It’s since topped 100,000 likes and catapulted her past Nancy Pelosi as the celebrity Democrat in the House.

But which Republican member of the House was the first to talk seriously about Trump having committed an impeachable offense? Jeremy Schulman, citing a Wednesday morning interview by The Hill’s Cristina Marcos, wrote in Mother Jones that the honor belonged to Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.

Not so fast! Mother Jones appended a correction to Schulman’s piece after someone from Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s office set the record straight; Curbelo had talked impeachment Tuesday night in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

True; it’s not a good sign when members of Congress are jockeying for position like that.

With a special counsel now overseeing the probe, Curbelo could end up looking very prescient … or not.

* * *