It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Is President Trump really inescapable, or does it just seem that way when journalists can’t seem to write a movie review or weather forecast without including some analysis of how it’s taken on a new importance since Trump’s surprise election?

Politico’s Ben White is convinced that there’s no escaping Trump since he became president. Most would agree that he was inescapable during the campaign as well, but a lot of the credit for that has to go to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which chose a strategy of elevating “Pied Piper” candidates like Donald Trump and telling the press to take them seriously.

Somebody’s got to slow jam the news.

We’re not saying White is wrong, but he picked a curious time to note Trump’s inescapably, considering how many people just made a note of how the president had disappeared off the radar for nearly a week. Let’s say the president’s relationship with the media is … complicated.

Better yet, even though it now appears that Trump really is everywhere you look, was that just another trick?