Remember a few years back when you could count on MSNBC to provide racially diverse, no-apologies progressive commentary, such as the network’s profile of Dr. Ben Carson titled “Blinded by the White” and accompanied by a graphic of an albino elephant?

Things have changed. The network purged itself of shows like “The Cycle” to make room for white men like Chuck Todd and Brian Williams. Al Sharpton’s weekday program was moved to early Sunday morningMelissa Harris-Perry stopped showing up for her own weekend program, alleging that editorial control had been taken away.

Just where is MSNBC headed? The network this week announced it had signed George F. Will, and there were reports Hugh Hewitt had been approached as well for a weekend show. Then, on Thursday, word got out that MSNBC had brought on eight new contributors — all white men.

Hold up … that report isn’t entirely accurate. Eddie S. Glaude Jr., chair of the Center for African-American Studies at Princeton, announced later in the day that he had joined NBC/MSNBC as a contributor.

In any case, MSNBC’s reputation with its progressive audience took another hit with Grim’s tweet. Boycott away.

Looks like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer are about to enjoy a ratings bump courtesy of MSNBC.

* * *