Progressives have been gunning for Dr. Ben Carson ever since his speech at the National Prayer breakfast last month. For failing to extoll the virtues of The One, Carson was branded a race traitor. The vicious epithets continued after he dared to speak at CPAC. MSNBC’s Touré declared that Carson was the GOP’s token “black friend” and suggested that the pediatric neurosurgeon owed his success to the government.

So, who better to weigh in on the GOP’s race problem than Touré? The stupidity was strong during his appearance on Martin Bashir’s show today, but it was compounded exponentially by a graphic of an albino elephant and the phrase, “Blinded by the white.” Really, MSNBC?

As proof of the GOP’s diversity troubles, MSNBC in its report cited BuzzFeed’s recent exposé decrying the overwhelming whiteness of the Republican leadership. And, as Legal Insurrection points out, BuzzFeed knows what overwhelming whiteness looks like.

Can we just be done with this now? Please?

Fortunately, MSNBC suffers from no such “blindness,” and new prime time host and white man Chris Hayes, who is set to replace white man Ed Schultz in the networks coveted 8 p.m. slot, is making sure of it. The Columbia Journalism Review notes that Hayes will bring his “hard quotas” to prime time with him, enforcing his general rule that “if there are four people sitting at a table, only two of them can be white men.”

And none of them will be Dr. Carson, we’d wager.

  • V the K

    It’s ironic to see the subtitle “Blinded by the White” on a network that regularly “takes off like a douche.”

    • Ken Alan Draper

      LOL!!!! I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!

      • Matthew Koch

        Git ‘er done!!!!!!

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      And… that’s “Jenga”.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      With this very unpleasin’, sneezin’ and wheezin,
      the calliope crashed to the ground

  • Joseph A White

    I made it through 2 minutes of that slop and just cannot bear any more. What a waste of time MSNBC and their cohorts are. Flush ’em down with the rest of the crap…

    • Rightardy

      If anybody has fiberoptic or IPTV service, NEVER tune into PMSNBC. They can measure your viewership with those services. That station must be made as uneconomic as possiblw. It’s ratings are already terrible, with CNN trying their best to be just as bad.
      Starve them out, the programming is putrid, full of lies, and never objective. Its hate based programming

  • Liberty Ranger

    So sick of this anti-individual crap. I canceled my DirecTV. I only have Comcast for Internet, not TV. I only watch stuff on ROKU Player anymore. And as of Today I am switching to ATT for Internet service since they have NOT YET achieved the same level of hate for Americans and the overt display of Racism and Bigotry seen at Comcast. As long as they keep trash like MsLSD in the lineup I will not give them another dollar. Time to draw the line America Cancel your TV subscriptions. Get off the Propaganda News networks. THINK FOR YOUR SELF PEOPLE! You too can be a Ben Carson!

    • rinodino

      Good for you, you want a cookie?

      • John (it true me am)

        If he gets a cookie I want a cookie. GIVE COOKIE NOW.

        • Brian H (wackobird)

          John, he would poison you……

      • Jillane Kent

        No thanks. Would you like some tips on making cogent, rational retorts?

      • Emily B

        I want a cookie. Do you have Thin Mints?

        • Catchance


          (I wonder how he sells them from his mother’s basement?)

        • Red Fred

          Funniest thing ever. ROFLMBO!

        • InformNow

          Nope! He just has Thin Skin!

        • June Clinkenbeard

          Sweetie, you don’t know where his hands have been! Just say no! If you need a cookie, here…take one of mine. :-).

      • Jim Denney

        No thanks, I already bought Girl Scout cookies from a neighbor.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          Are they made w/real girl scouts (sorry…Family just watched an Addams Family movie…)

          • Emily B

            I love that movie! hahaha

      • June Clinkenbeard

        I’ll be your Huckleberry…

      • RightThinking1

        It is logical that you would offer that, as that is what Democrats normally offer to their constituents…, and it works. Here.., not so much.

    • FreedomFighter

      You did exactly what I did. I just have internet and a Roku. Love it.

    • Yeah I Said It

      I cancelled mine too. I don’t go to movies anymore either because I am sick of supporting liberal pig celebrites.

    • Jillane Kent

      Allow me to join the echo chamber for cancelling cable. The Blaze and Netflix cost an average of 17 dollars per month versus the 80 dollars I formerly paid for basic cable. Various roku channel store and private apps fill in the gaps rather nicely.

      • mmicv64

        Me too,wish I didn’t wait so long,What a wast of money.

    • Worship Dancer

      you do know that Commiecast has REFUSED to remove al jazeera tv AND has refused to run ads that have or mention guns?

      • Laura González

        Why should they remove Al Jazeera? Don’t you like freedom of speech? Even speech you don’t like? Uh, exactly what do you think a Commie is???

        • lillymckim

          I have “personally” asked DTV for another conservative voice in their channel lineup as well
          ( FOX IS THE “ONLY” CONSERVATIVE VOICE ON DTV & I’m thankful we have FOX)
          & they told me there wasn’t enough people wanting it?
          Yet, people asking for the Al Jazeera channel was overwhelming?
          Yes, I’m laughing out loud!
          I find that hard to believe!

    • MissDiane47

      Same here; I cancelled DirecTV as well; went for DishNetwork – they carry TheBlazeTV – and I think for myself. 😉

      • ceemack

        Dish Network? Holy cow. You’ve just signed up with the satellite TV equivalent of the Mafia. Check your bill EVERY month. They’ll keep adding services you didn’t request, and billing you for them.

        • MissDiane47

          Well, DirecTV has already decided that they will NOT carry TheBlazeTV. So, it was my decision to switch. If you can prove without a doubt that your statement about Dish Network adding services to my plan w/o my consent, I suggest you give specifics. Otherwise, mind your own business!

          • Hatshepsut

            My father works for the company. They do it, I assure you. He receives calls almost every day with customers complaining about random charges, and is having trouble staying in business because so many people are cancelling their subscriptions.

            You know, Chris was obviously just trying to help you and that did not warrant such a rude response. Don’t be a bitch, it gives you wrinkles.

            Just stop watching TV altogether, and start thinking for yourself. I can tell that you don’t, because randomly acting like a ungrateful bitch to a stranger who was only trying to help is a symptom of the dumbing down you receive on a daily basis from that brainwash-box. Or, is that impossible since you can’t go without your American Idol and Dr. Oz? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

            Respect gets respect, and kindness should get kindness in return. Why don’t you try acting like a respectable lady, and be grateful when someone offers their help? I can’t imagine you act much different in ‘real’ life, and I can’t imagine many people like you, either.

            Shape up, girl, and try to remember the manners your mother should have taught you. The internet is not an excuse to act like a rude bitch.

          • MissDiane47

            First of all, I wasn’t being rude. I was stating my opinion, and apparently you can’t handle it; so you come off as some big shot brat thinking that I watch stupid shows like American Idol or Dr. Oz. You don’t know me so don’t even go there! Second, you claim that your father works for Dish Network, and at the same time you make disparaging remarks about his employer. Newsflash, little child: Your dad could lose his job if his boss were to see what you just posted for all the world to see. Hmmm … I wonder how happy he’d be with you if that happened!

            Sonny-boy .. I’m a grown woman – not some little kid! And I don’t take to kindly to some faceless brat talking down to me or telling me what to do! As for doing business with Dish Network – like I said before – it was my decision, and there is nothing you can do about it!

        • MissDiane47

          So, Chris … did you come up with any specifics that I asked for yet?

          *crickets* …

  • RobertGo

    like a family living in a house with huge windows and open drapes. The GOP is always under inspection. The Liberal media casts a cloak of silence over Obama and Dems. So who gets more seeming negativity reported about them. I pray God to open the hearts of America to consider the real truth. If they have the courage.

  • capisce

    Can someone please tell MSNBC that when 1984 truly arrives, they’ve got the gig for the
    5 minute hate. They can stop auditioning anytime.

  • ML

    Let’s rephrase this title to “Blinded by the Black” or “Blinded by the Arabs” or “Blinded by the Hispanics.” I know it doesn’t rhyme, but my guess is that no title like this will ever appear on MSNBC. It’s very sad to see that they only look at skin color, verses what someone has to say. I try not to discredit someone’s opinion/argument just because they were born a specific race.

  • Dale Black

    “Blinded by the White”?
    Attack because he’s Black.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      If he is black, you must attack!
      FTFY 😉

      • Rulz

        Of course they do….any gain of the African-American vote is a blow to the Democrat Party.

  • Adi

    MSNBC is blinded by their intellectual darkness.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Careful, our “michael s” will call you out for race baiting for that!

  • NRPax

    It really must suck going through life stressed out over imaginary racism. I think most of these guys are angry because they lack street cred like Martin Luther King.

    • June Clinkenbeard

      Don’t kid yourself. They are delighted to talk about the Racist Right. It’s what gets them out of bed in the morning. It is telling that MSNBC had a hissy fit over Alaska’s one Rep in Congress, who is the king of pork and has been their 30 years! I hope he gets run out of the party but I’m not holding my breath. My point is that the liberal media have been hammering THe Right for a very long time. No detail is too minute to castigate us over. We need to call them on their BS and then move on to how we’re going to beat the bastards before we all go belly up.

      In future, I am going to try and not wail and gnash my teeth so much over shots across our bow. It is a distraction greatly to be wish for from the lying Liberals on The Left and keeps us from focusing on what new nonsense will come wafting down from the People’s House. You know, the one we can’t visit?

      P.S. How do you listen to MSNBC? Ack! It makes me crazy…

      • sleeper48

        They started sounding like crazy people years ago, so I stopped trying to follow their “logic?” I find I don’t relate well to crazy people…lol.

      • NRPax

        When folks accuse me of racism, I just pat them on their pumpkin heads and tell them how cute they are. And I don’t really listen to MSNBC. The transcripts are good enough.

  • Bill Board

    I’d rather be “blinded by the white”, than propagandized by Buckwheat.

    • InformNow


    • TexSizzle

      Did you know that when Buckwheat grew up, he decided to become a black muslim? He changed his name to Kareem O’Wheat.

      • Bill Board

        Now, that’s funny

  • Tony0920

    I watched until Toure mispronounced forward. Call me anal, but really? Foward? Ben Carson is the best thing that could ever happen to minorities in America. And just who is drunk, and on what Toure? These are obviously people paid to perpetuate myths to low information individuals that many quite likely, are getting bored with. Such trite journalism.

  • Anderson

    Yea, he must be “blinded by the white” because an intelligent, accomplished black man can’t possibly think for himself or agree with “whitey.” What an ass.

  • agroulx

    Its funny how they try and brand conservatives as racists and post pictures of all white people. But when blacks actually do think for themselves, they are “token”..
    Its not the republicans or conservatives fault when 99% of blacks choose to vote based on color and for free sh*t….
    I would love to see this Douch� in public and knock him out. I will take one for the conservative team.

  • Steve_J

    What’s very frightening is Ed Schultz is the smart one at MSNBC.

  • Ben Bollman

    I’ve come to the conclusion that MSNBC is some hipster parody of liberal networks that is too hip to let us know that they are in on the joke. Either that or they are really that f-cking stupid..

    • Brett McMicken

      not stupid. just heavily invested in hate.

  • Brett McMicken

    (a) republicans don’t have enough black people in the party…
    (b) yet, when a black person is a republican, he/she is a traitor.

    tell me, if a black person is against everything that the republican party stands for, why would he/she become a republican in the first place, and, why would the party want said person?

  • KansasGirl

    Yet these people love Republican Colin Powell…wonder why?

    • TexSizzle

      Because he’s Republican in name only.

  • Garth Haycock

    Krystal Ball? When did MSNBC start hiring strippers/porn actresses?

    • Millie_Woods

      I’ll tune in when Krystal becomes MSNBC’s first topless news reader. With the sound turned off of course.

    • smartone

      You mean MSDNC.

    • ceemack

      You know, if they actually did that, I might watch.

  • Jim Denney

    “Krystal Ball” – seriously? Let me guess, she saw her future & it turned out to be between Rachel Maddows thighs?

  • Raye09

    Toure has a creepy obsession with Dr. Carson. ALL and I mean ALL he seems to do these days is talk trash about the man. It is very clear Toure is jealous of Dr. Carson. For whatever reason, when Toure sees Dr. Carson he is reminded of his inadequacy. Toure is a race baiting troll stuck on the MSNBC plantation. It is all he ever has been and ever will be. No one really respects Toure, and most of us had probably never heard of him until we began reading twitchy(I know I didn’t). Dr. Carson was a respected brain surgeon long before his prayer breakfast speech, and many of us knew of him from the biopic “Gifted Hands”. This infuriates Toure to no end and he reacts to his feelings of inadequacy by relentlessly insulting Dr. Carson.

    • AceTrace

      You hit the nail on the head! Toure’ is a miserable little man.

  • Frank Smiles

    Toure’ should write a book and call it something like “Gifted Handouts”. About as close as he’s going to get to the calibre of man Dr. Ben Carson is

  • Frank Smiles

    And… (Choking on laughter) seriously, Krystal Ball? Boy, her parents were making sure she’d have a Ben Carson kind of career when they came up with that name! Unless that’s a re-name chosen by her and that’s even sillier. Snow White would have been just as dignified. She Definitely looks more like a Snow White than a Krystal Ball.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Dr. Carson refuses to bend to the lib pressure to conform to their stereotype and if lefties had any sense, they would admire this man.
    But if they had sense, they wouldn’t be lefties.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    They are now attacking the good doctor for his views on gay marriage. If you do not worship at the altar of gay, you must be silenced. Hate speech as a crime is next. The irony, blacks do not traditionally support gay marriage, therefore they must also be racist haters or something.

    MSLSD is completely unhinged.

  • michael s

    Dont have a problem with Dr Carson or his views on marriage or sex. People need to stop race baiting Dr Carson because he has a contrary view of things.

    • sleeper48

      Oddly enough, we live in a land of freedom of speech. It’s very telling when the left trys to grind down anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view.

  • smartone

    Democrats can’t stand the thought of blacks leaving the Democrat Plantation and thinking on their own. If enough did that, the Democrat Party would be dead.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    My goodness I just hope that this was done for shock/ratings and not because this idiocy is what is in their actual souls.

  • HARP2

    They have officially now become more stupid than SNL.
    That is some feat.

  • Surly Texan
  • Patrick Henry

    Funny that they chose the Democratic icon – the elephant- to paint their racist anti-white image

    • TexSizzle

      The icon of the Democratics is the jackass.

    • Felina Flash

      And the symbolic animal for the Republicans is the …. guess what? The elephant. See how that works? Republicans = White … Elephant = Republicans.
      Details are important.

  • Patrick Henry

    Toure looks like a “g word” kind of metrosexual freak to me. I think it’s time to tell them all to go to hell and form an all WHITE party and not be ashamed of it.

  • Patrick Henry

    When North Korea made threatening noises about destroying Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin I secretly cheered. My only regret is that they did not include New York City and Chicago…. One can dream can’t one?

    • michael s

      shouldn’t the coalition of the willing do something about this?

  • JR48

    Nothing more threatening to the progressive left than a professional black conservative. Bonus points for being an accomplished human being.

    MSNBC must be beside themselves in panic.

  • RightThinking1

    CNN is in attack mode also:
    “Ben Carson, admirable man with a mistaken philosophy”


    MSNBC isn’t a news media anymore they are a big joke.

    • Rightardy

      was it ever, really?

  • RightThinking1

    There is a nice article over at Taki Magazine, capsulizing what we all know to be true, i.e., the glue holding the Obama coalition together is hatred of straight white males.


    MSNBC remind me of Civil War Era Bounty Hunters who chased runaway slaves. Can’t have one leaving the plantation.

  • anilpetra

    Sorry, but Corson tripped over his own big toe on Hannity.

    He was promising, but may never live this down. It was a stupid thing to say.

    Forever he’ll be branded the GOP far right social conservative who compared gay Americans to pedaphiles and people who have sex with farm animals.

    I think one of the great strengths of the GOP is the potential for successful people from outside government to come in and take the party by storm. Corson was one such person. I hope there are many more coming, because the party needs better candidates.

    Whereas the Democrat ranks are largely known quantities arising from
    government. (Obama was the exception that proved the rule, successfully
    using race for rapid advancement, from a pretty much nothing career, but passing only briefly through government).

    • John Ledo

      really? put ya’ll back in chains.. you didn’t build that…they like to clinch to their guns…all said by current admin but yet there still in office

    • michael s

      Its Carson not Corson.This is what i’m talking about,whether you’re Pres Obama Dr Ben Carson Secof State Powell Toure etc.,your accomplishments credentials have to be questioned . Cant be accepted on face value.

  • LisaR18

    My favorite MSNBC moment was on Hardball when Chris Matthews “revealed” a photograph of a leather bound book that he said was the authentic racial code book Republicans had been using since the Reagan era. Hilarious.

  • arrow2010

    White men are too busy being engineers, doctors, inventors to worry about having a job at MSPMSNBC.

  • arrow2010

    MSNBC is spiraling down the drain fast. Who does this appeal to other then virulent hard-core leftists?

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I know why they’re angry all the time, why they’ve fixated on skin color (or people’s sex — male or female), and why they’re constantly overflowing w/vitriolic pus.

    Let me attempt to explain:

    Skin color is used b/c it take no thought or effort to divide along those lines.

    To use “the content of one’s character” as a basis for analysis requires thought, acuity of perception, sound judgement, intellectual curiosity, along w/mental and emotional maturity and control — among other items indicative of the possession and use of the higher brain functions.

    Progressive who have these attributes and faculties turn them off to fit in w/the bulk, who do not. Eventually these characteristic atrophy into a withered palsied appendage to their over-driven emotional muscles.

    Your common Progressive craves to be “smart” — doubt it? It’s their favorite word! Everything they deem good is “smart”: from butter to vehicles to viewpoints to lifestyle to politicians to people.

    Smart, smart, smart, smart! Under their usage, the word has become a simple synonym for “good” or “holy”.

    And yet, in their hearts, they know they are not “smart”. The whole “Self-esteem conquers all” movement was set in motion, and the Progressive swarmed that bandwagon b/c they knew something wasn’t right — it is easy to lie to others, but hard to convincingly lie to oneself.

    The “self-esteem building” movement didn’t work. They lack the maturity to actually look at the foundation assumptions of their beliefs and philosophy to try to ferret out where they depart from reality. Their narcissism won’t let them — they’d have to entertain the notion that they might be in error… And above all, a Progressive is never in error!

    “Missteps” are due to others. The Progressive was misled, lied to, given an incomplete picture (accidentally or due to a Conservative Conspiracy via projection– it makes no difference…) or misunderstood— but never in error!

    So to soothe their “inner voice” — they don’t have consciences, those are for un-evolved folk, like, for example, Christians — they fallback on a method used all the time by those who are naturally and rightly immature, children: they keep repeating the talisman-phrase that They Are Smart!… just as would any child, hoping one day that they’ll come to believe it.

    They do this constantly and endlessly in uncountable variation. ‘We Are Smart!‘, or “hip”, or “with-it”, or they “get-it”… the wording always distills back to the aforementioned refrain.

    And when it’s challenged — either directly by Reality or indirectly with some Conservative (perhaps unwittingly) acting as Nature’s Agent — the Progressive feels the smooth repetition of its mantra threatened and goes into hysterics, lashing out at the “nearest” safe individual available. “Nearest” not being defined solely spatially and “safe” translating as non-Progressive allied.

    Occasionally I would watch Star Trek TNG, and Progressives remind me, not so much as the Borg — although they do operate like that — but like the aliens from an episode who kidnapped the engineer and kept saying to everyone “We are smart” We are powerful”… but , in truth, were neither– and knew it.

    I’m sorry. I’ve become rather tired, so I need to end this over-long post. I’m certain, however, that it is easy to see how this relates to the attacks by Progressives on people.

    • aliwilcox

      Grandpa, your post is probably too long for the average progressive to read (all those words!), but I think you did a great job. I agree.

  • aliwilcox

    Like insecure dogs, the animals at MSNBC bite out of fear, and they need some training. I have complete faith that Dr. Carson can handle this on his own, if he even cares. Responding to the race baiting gives them a credibility they don’t deserve.

  • TocksNedlog

    Dr. King’s spinning just set a new speed record.

  • Gary marshall

    Martin Luther King Jr. voted Republican. I guess he was blinded too.

  • Donna

    Couldn’t listen to the whole thing all three souls are ugly.

  • bjedwards

    Hayes will bring his “hard quotas” to prime time with him, enforcing his general rule that “if there are four people sitting at a table, only two of them can be white men.”

    Sounds like Hayes is a racist.

  • Axelgreaser

    IT’S A LEVEL OF THE AMAZING CONTEMPT THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE HAS FOR OUR INTELLIGENCE, to think we believe MSNBC, or any of the State News Propagandists who carry water for Obama, including the White House’s own ‘In House Despenser Of False Information’, Media Matters, it’s preposterous to think we don’t understand that EVERYTHING sources from Obama and his staff of manipulative ‘news’ minions up and to including Obama’s, and note I’m pinning it squarely on him, the RACISM he directs to fill the press, and I use the word ‘press’ in its loosest form. The American press is contemptible and as bad as some of the ‘MSM’ is and with such low following, you can only deduce they are completely propped up by their left wing ownership and good luck trying to trace THAT thicket of layer upon layer of strangling vines down in the present ‘news’ jungle. If you refer to MSM as ‘news worthy’, then you also probably think the United States is, as the White House funnels: ‘Prospering and in recovery.’ Must be true, huh? Even the wire services are saying it. Ooops, their ‘Sold To Obama’ tag is in plain view. When I see Obama and his wife gassing up next to me at the service station and pushing a food cart through the green grocer’s, and I can yak it up about the economy when we’re on queue at the checkout, perhaps I’ll swallow some of that old, cold hash.

  • Mandy in SC

    Am I the only one that wonders how anyone can take a “news anchor” with the name Krystal Ball seriously?

  • AZWarrior

    The blind idolatry of Obama worshipers sickens me to my core. They are very much like the followers of Hitler, Jim Jones, and other cults. History will be as unkind to them as it has to other cults of personality.

  • lcky9

    strangely.. MOST people don’t WATCH television .. they LISTEN to it .. while texting .. talking on the phone (yes it can be done) doing something around the house .. surfing the web..etc.. so other than MSNBC and the nitwits that own it most people couldn’t tell you the color of anyone on a talk show.. I know I listen to talk shows all the time and I can’t tell you what color any of the guests are only what they are saying and if it makes since and is logical.. when I heard Dr. CARSON I didn’t know he was black.. I did know however he made sense..

  • TerrorSquad

    Imagine what they would say if Carson was born a woman.

  • Poe Ster

    Now that they’ve gotten the tacid backing of the current administration. They’ve shown what we get when their fake masks come off. They are as bad the cross burning hooded racists they pretend to decry. Ben Carson is a hero.

  • Laura González I like the guy who talks about how slave owners spent money feeding and housing slaves. The new Republican party!!!

    • FlatFoot

      Wait… what?

      Oh. Okay. You get your news and education from Comedy Centralnevermind.

      • BruceMajors4DC

        StinkRegress. Same thing.

  • BruceMajors4DC

    And yet Democrats are still rounding up poor black children and selling them to educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic candidates.

  • lillymckim

    MSNBC/NBC is a disgrace.