CNN Opinion columnist John D. Sutter focuses on climate change and social justice, and something about his fawning piece about kids suing Donald Trump over his lack of action on global warming tells us he really enjoys his job.

“Talk is cheap. But these climate kids deserve your attention,” Sutter writes, crediting these young heroes for taking their case to the judicial system rather than simply “bemoaning the Orwellian satire that has become the American news cycle.”

Judging from the photo, they’re taking the D.C. Metro, which makes it likely they’ll end up marching anyway.

The buried lede certainly would be that someone from CNN just called the American news cycle an Orwellian satire, if not for the bit about the kids’ lawsuit initially targeting President Barack Obama.

It’s handy for the press that, thanks to efforts by the government and industry to have it dismissed, the suit outlasted the Obama administration and became Trump’ problem. Now writers like Sutter can claim that it “has taken on new significance in the first 100 days of Trump’s tenure.” That’s weird … so the suit was just some sort of stunt back during Obama’s term?

Our Children’s Trust is the nonprofit helping to bring the lawsuit, but let’s just pretend it’s a bunch of really woke kids demanding to be heard. Kelsey Juliana, 20, “has been involved in legal action for climate change for years” and she’s frustrated that the youth are “the most disenfranchised.” It’s like the government was set up on purpose so that children can’t vote. But they can sue, with an adult’s help.

Way to go, “kids.”