Members of the Texas House are debating legislation Wednesday sponsored by Sen. Charles Perry, a Republican, that would ban cities, counties, and universities in the state from creating policies that prohibit law enforcement officers from asking a person about his or her immigration status or from enforcing immigration law.

Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted his support for the ban earlier in the day.

Cats and dogs living together … mass hysteria!

More than 180 amendments reportedly have been submitted, and one that managed to pass Wednesday by a vote of 92-53 would allow for the removal of elected or appointed local officials who violate the ban, if it manages to pass.

Another amendment that failed would have excluded colleges and universities from the ban on sanctuary jurisdictions.

Reporters following the proceedings are noting that tensions are high and the tears were flowing at times.

Rep. Gene Wu tweeted earlier in the day that he and fellow Democrats would be wearing butterfly ribbons to show their support for DREAMers. It makes sense that snowflake ribbons wouldn’t make much sense in Texas.

Wear a butterfly on your label, but sting like a bee, apparently.

Rep. Victoria Neave has been fasting since Sunday in protest of the legislation.

Protesters were out in force, naturally.

We’ll check back; this will be going on for quite a while.

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The exemption for colleges and universities isn’t the only amendment that failed Wednesday; Texas isn’t having sanctuary pre-K either.