One glaring problem with seeing terror attacks in terms of the weapons used is that eventually you consider the intended victims “lucky” that the terrorists tried to use pipe bombs rather than semi-automatic weapons or machetes instead of pipe bombs.

After a man killed four people by driving a truck into a department store in Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, the Washington Post took notice of several recent truck attacks, including the horrific Bastille Day attack in Nice, France that killed 86 people. However, the paper stopped short of sending a reporter to a dealership to test drive one of these assault trucks and assess society’s need for large delivery vehicles.

What, exactly, are cities doing to prevent radicalized trucks from attacking and killing innocent people?

Hmm …

Is this guy talking about some sort of import ban? Some of the hardest working commercial trucks in the United States come here as imports from Europe, Japan, South Korea …

Remarkably, quite a few people seem OK with giving up a little freedom for an unspecified return.

Bridges, not walls!

Closing thought:

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