A funny thing happened last summer in the country whose lack of backbone managed to inspire the rebranding of America’s favorite fast food side as “freedom fries.”

After horrific terror attacks in Paris and Nice, French mayors began to insist that tourists enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of France’s finest beaches dress the part and not wear the black, body-concealing “burqini.” Finally, it was America’s turn to look down on France for not embracing progressive values, like those demonstrated by Muslim-approved swimwear.

America is so progressive, in fact, that publications like USA TODAY recently celebrated #MuslimWomensDay with a piece arguing that the hijab is actually a feminist symbol of resistance to the Trump administration; the only catch was that the “feminism” described by the young women interviewed for the piece bore no resemblance in any way to feminism as it is known in secular circles.

Now CNN is taking a shot at rebranding the hijab as a symbol of feminist empowerment by highlighting a new rap video by Mona Haydar, who keeps swaggin’ with her hijabis as they join to make this a feminist planet free of women haters.

Here’s a link to the full video if you’d like to help it reach the million views CNN says it’s nearing.

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