Trigger warning: spiders!

To be honest, a story about spiders wouldn’t have merited a second look if it weren’t for the super-handy infographic showing the relative weight of the world’s population of spiders (merged into one giant spider) and the Titanic. Someone in the graphics department had a weird morning.

If we’d made it to the end of the piece, we might have known whether to like spiders more or less; we’d wager a lot of people quit right after the introduction, which revealed that a study of North Carolina homes turned up spiders in 100 percent of them.

The researchers behind the study said they hope their estimates “raise public awareness and increase the level of appreciation for the important global role of spiders in terrestrial food webs.” If that means wanting them all dead, then yes, the study was a huge success.

Our cats and dogs are more likely to eat us? That doesn’t help at all.

None of this is helping.

OK, spiders apparently have a Twitter account.