Maybe someone who’s been through journalism school within the past decade or so can answer this: is there some sort of class or computer simulation that trains reporters to recognize race as quickly as possible? Do J-school students earn extra credit this way?

As tedious as it’s become to point out the unbearable whiteness of any gathering of people, it’s downright unbearable when it comes from a media outlet that doesn’t seem to realize that it is unbearably white, even when it posts the photographic proof itself.

The Huffington Post, which famously took on candidate Donald Trump early in the primary season by banishing him to the site’s entertainment section, is one of those outlets, and Trump beat reporter Christina Wilkie showed off that journalistic reflex Tuesday as President Trump signed an executive order at the EPA while surrounded by coal miners.

Sometimes reporters complain that people never read past the headline, but if that’s the takeaway from today’s event, then so be it.

We knew this pic from 2014 was coming, and Twitter did not disappoint.

Don’t click that link without proper eye protection is all we’re gonna say.

That position is taken, thanks.

* * *