Debate questions aren’t the only thing Donna Brazile sometimes gets in advance; she was among many who were alerted days ahead of time to Winter Storm Stella, which she seemed to think could be to Donald Trump what Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy were to Presidents Bush and Obama.

President Trump took those warnings seriously, but it looks like the Washington Post, with the vast benefit of hindsight, is choosing to take a shot at the president for overreacting.

No kidding, what a moron! Trump, we mean; of course D.C.’s mayor was just acting responsibly in meeting with the president. Wasn’t one of the complaints after Katrina that local officials hadn’t received adequate warning from the federal government?

Where did the president get the idea that Washington, D.C. was in line to get hit by a major and messy winter storm anyway?


Maybe the Washington Post should stop publishing weather predictions two days ahead of time and stick to climate change forecasts; what happened to the 4 to 8 inches “most likely” to fall inside the Beltway?

A powerful Nor’easter will roar up the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts Monday night and Tuesday, unleashing heavy snow and howling winds, and flooding some coastal areas. Snowfall totals may vary widely in the Washington region, with amounts exceeding 8 inches a good possibility just north of the city, but as low as two inches in southeastern suburbs. Inside the Beltway, 4 to 8 inches is most likely.

Science, y’all:

National Weather Service meteorologists held a conference call Monday afternoon about computer models that dramatically cut predicted snow amounts. They decided to stick with the super snowy warnings.

Greg Carbin, chief forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center, tells The Associated Press the decision was made out of “extreme caution.”

Carbin said a change might have given people the wrong message that the storm was no longer a threat. It still was.

Meteorologists “decided to stick with the super snowy warnings” rather than send the public the wrong message and risk underestimating the threat. How soon until the Washington Post trolls the National Weather Service?

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BREAKING: Washington, D.C. market closes doors early for storm that brought 2.5 inches of snow. Quick everyone, point and laugh at these losers.