As Twitchy reported, President Trump on Monday signed a revised executive order on immigration that almost immediately sent the #MuslimBan hashtag trending again.

After the original travel ban went into effect in January, demonstrators mobbed airports across the country to protest, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued what appeared to be a massive subtweet, telling “those fleeing persecution, terror and war” that Canada was ready to welcome them with open arms in the name of diversity.

Trudeau seems to be getting his wish, in a way. The Associated Press reported last week that illegals, fearing an enforcement crackdown under the new administration, are beginning to stream across the border into the town of Emerson, Manitoba, creating a spike in the need to provide housing and other support until their cases are heard.

The AP reports:

Migrants have been crossing through fields and ditches because, under the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement, they are turned back at official border crossings if they have already made refugee claims in the U.S.

If they get onto Canadian soil before being apprehended, they are allowed to stay in Canada and go through the normal refugee-claim process.

So, it’s up to Canada to determine if these “migrants” fleeing from the United States are indeed refugees, and until that happens, the country is allocating tens of thousands of dollars to the community to deal with the sudden influx of refuge seekers.

The AP’s report doesn’t mention if any of those crossing were American celebrities making good on their pre-election promises to flee to Canada, but we’ll update the post if necessary.

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