Real news alert:

There were rumblings of a major Trump scandal back in December, when ThinkProgress broke the news that members of the president-elect’s team had pressured the Embassy of Kuwait to cancel its existing plans for its National Day celebration and rebook the event at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Other outlets picked up on the story, but it died pretty quickly when Kuwait’s ambassador said no one had been in contact with him, and he simply thought “it would be exciting for our guests to see a new venue.”

The original date of the event was Feb. 25 — tonight! — and Judd Legum of ThinkProgress hadn’t forgotten about the story, particularly after Reuters revived it earlier in the day.

Not to mention, the president’s motorcade took off without notice Saturday night and ended up at the hotel. Legum’s Twitter thread, in short, went like this:

Trump didn’t allow press inside the hotel, a fact which is now serving as Backup Scandal No. 1 (it’s a federal building on lease from the government), but pictures from inside showed the president dining with his daughter and a few others.

Here’s something reporters might want to look at before running with the Kuwait scandal.

So, what Kate Bennett is saying is that Trump set up an entirely separate decoy party earlier in the week to throw off the press … right?

So, it’s the fault of Reuters and NPR for misreporting … what? Neither the party nor dinner out would have interested the press if it hadn’t been for the promise of a reported scandal coming true.