Life here in the United States can be strange, can’t it? Transgender restroom access had probably never crossed the minds of most Americans when suddenly the issue became headline news and a national priority. President Obama eventually laid down the law, in 2016 issuing a directive to school districts requiring them to allow students to use whichever restroom and locker room matches their gender identity.

The fight for equal rights for transgender people led to a high-profile boycott of North Carolina by businesses, entertainers, and even other cities and states. The issue even had international implications, with North Carolina, Mississippi, and the more rural areas of the United States mentioned by name in an addendum to the U.K.’s travel advisory.

Now, in 2017, members of the same press are wondering what the Trump administration’s rush is to address the same issue.

Why the sudden focus on transgender bathrooms? Well, the issue did become kind of a big deal, didn’t it? So where’s the surprise in a new administration trying to roll back the federal government’s role?

New Yorkers — more than 8 million people who apparently share one set of values — can rest easy in the knowledge they’ll always be able to pee freely under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s close watch, no matter who’s president.

It must be something to be represented by a mayor who articulates your values for you one at a time, as circumstances dictate. De Blasio, for example, let New Yorkers know that he certainly wouldn’t be patronizing the new Chick-fil-A franchise in the city, nor would he urge any other New Yorker to eat there. (Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also made it perfectly clear in 2012 that “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.”)

By all means, keep up the resistance.

Pretty much; the city last January softened its stance on policing minor offenses like littering and peeing in the streets, and agreed to repeal a section of the health department’s rules that forbid public urination and defined it as a misdemeanor. Not all New Yorkers felt that aligned with their values, but they must have come around.

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