There’s a party on Twitter tonight, and everyone who opposed President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees is invited, now that the 9th Circuit Court has ruled a judge’s stay on the order will not be lifted, at least for now. It’s a little bit like the celebration liberals had expected to have had the night of Nov. 8, and even 2016’s biggest loser is having a chuckle.

Decisions by the 9th Circuit are overturned more often than not, and it’s worth noting just what Thursday’s ruling meant, and what it didn’t.

And speaking of the merits:

Believe it or not, Townhall editor, White House correspondent, and BuzzFeed-triggering conservative opinion commentator person Katie Pavlich and the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman came to the same conclusion, though, on Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric coming back to haunt him.


As Twitchy reported, one judge of the three behind Thursday’s unanimous ruling distinguished himself in court by clarifying that the Muslim ban of which Trump spoke on the campaign trail was not the travel ban of his executive order; millions of Muslims from countries not specified in the order were unaffected, while non-Muslims from seven countries were … and those countries weren’t drawn from a hat.

Still, it’s clear that the appeals judges were concerned about the idea of a Muslim ban, regardless of the text of the order.

That’s probably why progressives are squeezing as much enjoyment out of the ruling as they can for tonight.