As Twitchy reported, Sen. Ted Cruz sunk an epic slam dunk on Deadspin Tuesday when he responded to the site’s call for a photo of him playing basketball with … a photo of him playing basketball. (OK, not really: that was Duke’s Grayson Allen doing Cruz’s stunt work, but the game-winning two-pointer went to Team Cruz, no doubt about it.)

Whoever was tweeting from @Deadspin must have been temporarily disoriented by the impact of the ball, desperate to respond with a witty rejoinder but only managing, “Go eat sh*t.”

The writer of Deadspin’s piece, Ashley Feinberg, refused to hit the showers and instead repeated her call for “actual” photographic submissions of Ted Cruz playing basketball, because, yeah, those will be even more entertaining after tonight.

Oh, and just to clarify one thing, everyone: Ted Cruz did not “own” Feinberg, all right?

Keep those submissions coming.

* * *


Ease up on that poor girl, Twitter. If you want to pick on someone, how about Deadspin’s “actual editor,” i.e., the person who should have nixed the piece in the first place  … if you think you’re man enough.

It doesn’t look like anyone’s complaining, except for those who got owned by Ted Cruz.