If it hasn’t happened already, it won’t be long before someone proposes a search of Badlands National Park for the body of the mystery person who spent part of the day tweeting about climate change from the @BadlandsNPS account. Whoever had gone rogue and taken control of the Twitter feed was hailed as a hero, but now those tweets have been deleted like so many State Department emails.

At the risk of being branded climate change deniers (again), we’re hesitant to use the term “climate change facts” here only because there’s no attribution given to the source or whichever study produced the numbers or who funded it. Gotta watch out for that fake news, you know.

Regardless, a lot of people were relieved to see that an agent with the resistance had taken over a government Twitter account to warn the world of the crappy state in which President Obama had left the environment after 8 years of talk.

It might be too late for the rogue tweeter, but there’s still time to save the planet.

OK, maybe dial it back just a teensy bit? Deleting tweets is a bad look and only reinforces the tyrannical image that so many imagine, but it’s highly possible Trump’s jackbooted enforcer inside Badlands is just some park manager who found out someone was sending out tweets from the park without permission and pulled them?

Or maybe the overthrow of the Trump administration has begun where no one thought to look: in the National Park Service. Then again, the Obamas did spend was seemed an inordinate amount of time touring the parks over the past year.

Golden Gate National Park has joined in, it seems.

It’s been a weird week, and it’s only Tuesday.



* * *