You know how utility companies add that unpleasant odor to natural gas so customers can tell if there’s a leak? It’s a little known fact that the inventor of the firearm similarly added that really loud bang sound as a safety feature, but the NRA is hoping to turn that around.

Sen. Chris Murphy is getting attention for his tweet, but his source is an opinion piece in Monday’s Washington Post by Robert J. Spitzer, political science professor and author of “Guns Across America,” which is not, unfortunately, an oversized coffee table book of firearms through the ages.

Murphy’s tweet leaves the reader in suspense, but the important gun safety feature Spitzer refers to is the noise guns make: “Gunfire — loud, sharp, rude, abrupt — is an important safety feature of any firearm.”

We’d read the noise of an AR-15, punctuated by explosions “loud like a bomb,” could cause the shooter himself  disorientation, anxiety, illness, and “temporary PTSD,” but we’d never considered the sound “rude.” If good manners are everything to the anti-gun rights crowd, it seems they’d enjoy spending some time at the gun range, where everyone’s armed and very polite.

Obviously, Spitzer is alluding to the fact that gunfire (not to mention false reports of gunfire) can cause people to scatter in panic, but his concern isn’t so much the sale of noise suppressors as it is the NRA and its imperative “to eviscerate any and all gun laws.”

Um, hello? Believe it or not, the NRA and its members don’t oppose all gun laws; it was President Obama who commuted the sentences of hundreds of felons charged with firearms violations, because he thought their mandatory sentences for drug possession with intent to distribute were too strict and outdated. Those prison bars actually were a safety feature, not to mention punishment for lawbreaking.

Next thing you know, gun nuts will be claiming that Hollywood movies don’t portray guns and silencers accurately.