We wondered out loud months and months ago what exactly was going to happen to the @POTUS account once Barack Obama left office, and it finally dawned on someone in the administration that having Donald Trump’s photo suddenly appear next to all of Barack Obama’s old tweets wasn’t going to fly.

Former president Bill Clinton, for one, had taken a special interest in the ownership of the @POTUS Twitter handle.

The White House eventually issued its transition plan for its social media accounts, giving Twitter users plenty of warning that Obama’s tweets would be archived under @POTUS44 and that @POTUS would be passed along to the next president, whoever that might be.

Apparently, Twitter’s support staff has been hit with complaints from people who had unfollowed @POTUS so as to keep their social media accounts pure and Trump-free, but were shocked to find that they now followers of Donald Trump, an act that was certainly non-consensual.

Yes, it’s the Russians. Or the Klingons. Or the Trump administration stealing followers from Obama. Please remain calm while William Shatner advises on next steps to take.

While the class actions lawsuits are being drawn up, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey jumped on the service he co-founded to smooth things over.

He admits it — hundreds of thousands of people who had unfollowed @POTUS suddenly found themselves following Donald Trump’s official Twitter feed. This is unacceptable, especially considering the dangerous overcrowding in America’s safe spaces already.

Yeah, Twitter’s excuse reeks of authoritarianism, and if there’s one thing Americans hate, it’s authoritarianism.

If it’s any help to @support, plenty of progressives seem to have found it easy enough to block us, so they most be familiar with the feature.