There were plenty of signs worth seeing at the Women’s March on Washington Saturday, by far too many to cover them all here. This one, though, was a little puzzling.

Those replacement blades are pricey, believe us.

Maybe … and this is a guess … the sign is a reference to the “tampon justice” movement, which in part demands the repeal of any tax on women’s hygiene products. Yes, President Obama was alerted to the problem during one of his YouTube interviews, but it appears he skipped out of office before doing much about it.

In a move so brash it hasn’t been seen since the Boston Tea Party, women at Saturday’s march decided they weren’t going to take it anymore, and wrote their messages to the government and the world on maxi pads and posted them in D.C., making New York City’s “Subway Therapy” Post-it installation look so very 2016.

Let’s see … Bleed Proud, No Pussy No Power, Proud to be a Nasty Woman … it would be criminal if Washington didn’t follow New York’s lead and archive and preserve this spontaneous art installation.

That’s a good point; last spring, Rep. Grace Meng asked Secretary of State John Kerry to examine foreign aid programs to determine if funding could be found to provide badly needed feminine hygiene products.

Seeing as John Kerry attended the march in Washington, maybe he could be the one to peel off those pads and ship them overseas. It looks like he has some free time.

* * *