Here’s some news that was absolutely and utterly expected … so much so that the news cameras were set up next to protest hot spots and waiting for something dramatic to happen to break up the boredom while the elite partied in Union Station.

Groups like Resist Fascism and DisruptJ20 have been crowing about their plans for weeks, and now there are reports of “smoke devices” being set off (by protesters or police isn’t clear) in the streets, along with the requisite chants of “F**k Trump!”

A lot of the fuss was centered outside the National Press Building, where the pro-Trump “DeploraBall” was being held.

Wow, rough night.

Just a note of caution: take with a grain of salt reports of tear gas and pepper spray and mace grenades being deployed by police … they might be true, or it might just be smoke canisters, but the press has gotten it wrong more than a few times. (Remember those “rubber bullets” found in Ferguson that looked very much like standard foam ear plugs? And that cop putting out a burning American flag at the RNC wasn’t extinguishing it with tear gas, geniuses.)

The image of mobs of street protesters throwing litter at the police really is a dose of nostalgia for the Obama administration, isn’t it? Maybe America can be done with this for a bit and try something else for a while?

Hey kid, why’d you start that fire?

Actually, you know what would have been better than a fire, since it’s a special occasion and all? A Zamboni. People can’t take their eyes off those things.

If you’re setting your alarms to watch the inauguration Friday, you might want to tune early and not wait for hell to begin at noon — you’ll miss a lot of traditional pageantry overlaid with insipid commentary.

Might want to make it an early night, seeing as your time here in Obama’s heaven is limited.

* * *