Suddenly Tuesday with the commutation granted to Chelsea Manning, it was OK to like and respect WikiLeaks again, and it looks like terrorist bombings are back in style, too.

So, who was most excited to hear about President Barack Obama’s “I’m outta here” commutation of the sentence of imprisoned FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera? Naturally, Bill Ayers was blown away by the news.

“Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, winner of every award known to exist, went beyond mere exclamation points, though, and confessed that he was sobbing over the news that Don Oscar would soon be a free man.

It would be tough to top sobbing, but there’s something particularly troubling about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s excitement that one of the leaders of a group that bombed that very city would be leaving prison early.

Wow, awkward.

Oh, FALN wanted to create a free and socialist country — so he and his fellow terrorists had a good reason for setting bombs in the city. Got it.