As Twitchy reported, it appears that men have been slow to sign up for the Women’s March on Washington the day following the inauguration, but there are competing theories as to why. Some suspect that men are afraid of having their man cards revoked; others think the Women’s March on Washington is just a really poor name that all but disinvites men from attending.

Men have been assured that they are welcome at the event, and they won’t have to check their Y chromosomes at the entrance. However, they might be asked to slip on a pink pussyhat to add some pizzazz to the aerial photos.

Two women from Los Angeles came up with the idea of knitting pink hats for the event, hoping to (with the help of volunteers worldwide) “create a sea of pink hats which is going to be a strong collective visual statement.” Imagine how much stronger it would be, though, complemented by a Nasty Woman T-shirt and tampon earrings.

The project’s been going for a couple of months, but on Saturday the pair’s story had the distinction of being shared on Twitter by Reuters Top News … because nothing says you’re serious about bringing attention to civil and human rights issues than wearing a knitted pink hat with ears.

“For some knitters at Friday’s ‘pussyhat party,’ it was hard to put the needles down as the deadline nears,” reports Rollo Ross.

It could be sillier — they could be making and selling homemade vagina lollipops to mail to Trump Tower.

Hear that, Code Pink?

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