Sen. Jeff Flake introduced the latest edition of the Wastebook on Tuesday, which this year has taken a Pokémon GO! theme.

Old-school Nintendo fans should find this year’s logo pretty familiar, and followers of government waste will also feel nostalgic.

Remember that compelling “Shrimp on a Treadmill” study from a few years back? It must have gone well, because this time $1.5 million went toward studying the endurance of the mudskipper fish by placing it on a treadmill.

Oh, and there was the $3.4 million “Hamster Cage Match,” a study of aggression and anxiety in rodents. Where is PETA?

That $35,000 joint commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was intended to educate drivers about the dangers of driving while high.

And speaking of doing things while high, other projects featured in the Wastebook include a museum that would resurrect dead comedians as holograms and a study in which computers binge-watched “Desperate Housewives.”

Not all of the wasteful projects cited were humorous, though; take, for example, the IRS’s $12 million email archiving system that it couldn’t use. The Daily Caller notes that:

“…the agency’s inability helped [Lois] Lerner get off the hook for using the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party nonprofit applicants during the 2010 and 2012 campaigns.

Soon after the Lerner scandal, IRS officials bought the system designed to prevent the loss of emails, but then didn’t bother to turn it on. They also broke federal procurement rules in how they bought the system.

Grab your own copy in PDF format here.