Things were “pretty crazy” just a few minutes ago in the lobby of Trump Tower as authorities rushed people out of the building after reportedly discovering a suspicious package. Fortunately, the all-clear has since been given.

He’s not there, actually. The president-elect is in Florida, and sent out a tweet just as the video seen above was hitting cable news.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein, who explains in her Twitter bio that she’s currently “adjusting to a life with less flying after two years on the road covering Hillary Clinton,” suggested that the timing of Trump’s tweet was a sign he’s not concerned about the evacuation.

… and it’s gone. Coming down off of Air Hillary must be very disorienting.


Yes, the ongoing display of tolerance is wearing thin really, really quickly.

Yes, it is.

* * *


As ridiculous as that sounds, keep in mind that the White House has gone on lockdown over stray party balloons and apple cores.