We’ll do our best to avoid stepping in any fake news and simply report what seems to be a shakeup in the Trump transition team on Christmas Eve; fill in the question marks any way you like in the meantime.

Jason Miller, who was just named White House communications director, reportedly has resigned to spend more time with his family — an explanation that has been known to cover, let’s say, a whole lot of ground. You notice no one ever says this:

So, that job probably didn’t last long enough to bother updating the old LinkedIn profile.

Hmm … transition team advisor A.J. Delgado had posted a few tweets about Miller earlier in the day, and now her account has vanished.

About those tweets … there’s certainly no misreading her meaning.

We’ve leave it at that for now, but feel free to share gossip in the comments. In any case, it looks like the Trump team at the very least has a mess to clean up over the holiday weekend.

* * *


Here’s Miller’s statement on his departure.