There’s an exciting new way to get around in San Francisco that might be a little bit too exciting, if an incident captured on camera Wednesday is what people suspect.

Uber launched a fleet of self-driving cars in the city Wednesday, and it wasn’t long after that the San Francisco Examiner obtained dash-cam video that appears to show one of the driverless cars blowing through a traffic light that had turned red seconds before.

“In its blog Wednesday, Uber wrote it launched self-driving vehicles in California without self-testing permits from the DMV because it has drivers in the vehicles,” the Examiner reports, adding that the self-driving cars “also have Uber drivers and engineers as backups at the wheel of the car, according to various news reports, leaving it unclear as to why no one simply hit the brakes.”

The video must be getting around quickly, because the San Francisco Gate now reports that Uber is going to need that state permit after all.

There’s doesn’t seem to be any hurry among consumers, at least after watching the video.

The video raises a lot of unanswered questions as well.