Despite Vice President Joe Biden’s repeated advice to invest in a shotgun and some shells, gun rights advocates often credit President Obama with being one of the best gun salesmen they ever had.

The numbers this year seem to bear that out. The Boston Globe reports this week that gun sales in the United States hit an all-time annual record in just the first 11 months of 2016, with more than 24.7 million criminal background checks processed.

“The increasing numbers of checks in recent years has been attributed to fears that lawmakers might impose further restrictions on gun ownership,” writes Matt Rocheleau.

If that theory holds, then Black Friday should have been lousy for gun dealers. After all, with Donald Trump’s surprise election, the public would no longer be anxious about who exactly Hillary Clinton was referring to when she mentioned “we” in this tweet:

Whew, no need to run out and stock up on firearms on Black Friday then. Reputable “real news” outlets like NPR, USA Today, and Reuters all predicted a bust in holiday gun sales following the election.

Don’t these people ever get tired of being wrong?

What media bias?


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