Make no mistake, there are few things more devastating than the death of a child, regardless of the circumstances. Still, the parents of a man shot during what police say was an attempted armed robbery aren’t making it easier to people to feel sympathetic.

What normally would have been a local crime story is garnering widespread attention thanks to this tweet:

“Did he deserve to die, at the hands of a Pizza Hut employee, no less?” Um …

According to police reports, Michael Renard Grace, 28, was shot and killed by a Pizza Hut employee around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Grace was one of three people to enter the closed restaurant in an alleged robbery attempt, and police say they recovered the gun Grace was carrying. The other two suspects fled the scene on foot.

In that light, why the employee had a gun and fired it probably isn’t the first question Grace’s mother, who admitted he likely had attempted to rob the restaurant as an act of desperation, should be asking.

The employee was placed on a leave of absence.