Michael Moore was super excited to learn that Republicans were driving traffic to his film, “Trumpland,” by passing around on social media a four-minute clip, even though he claims it was doctored. That’s not cool — if anyone’s going to doctor the footage in a Michael Moore movie, its going to be Michael Moore.

Obviously Moore’s not a Donald Trump fan, and like many other liberals this weekend, he’s not an Anthony Weiner fan. Setting aside Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the State Department, Hillary Clinton almost looked to be in the clear a few months back, but now her email shenanigans have returned to the front pages, all because of Weiner’s compulsion to send vulgar selfies online.

What did Bill Clinton do that was so wrong? Hillary long ago established that he was the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy. And Weiner? Sure, be angry at him for the way he’s treated his wife and the women he’s sexted, but there would be no sensitive emails on his laptop if Hillary and company had simply used the secure government email accounts provided to them.

Moore was just getting started on his misandrist rant, and when he’s on a roll, it’s best to step away until he’s finished it.

What about all those soccer moms tooling around in minivans and SUVs? The ones manufactured in Michigan, by union workers, in factories with smokestacks? And don’t be so quick to count out women when it comes to the atomic bomb, either.

History made.

OK, maybe there should be more female hedge fund thieves and war profiteers; good thing there’s one woman who’s doing all she can to break those glass ceilings, and she’s not going to let national security get in her way.