Some are interpreting radio host Joe Walsh’s Wednesday afternoon tweet as a literal call to violence following the election, while it seems the majority are electing to point and laugh instead. At least gun control crusader Piers Morgan should be OK with it, seeing as Walsh’s weapon of choice is a musket, just as the founders envisioned when they drew up the Bill of Rights.

Good question. There’s no need to alert the authorities, as plenty of people have already; it’ll be up to the powers that be to determine if “grabbing my musket” constitutes a threat, or if it’s meant symbolically. (The odds that Twitter will suspend Walsh’s account look pretty good.)

At least once before.

In the meantime, plenty of people aren’t exactly quivering at the image of Walsh wielding a musket — or, as the cable networks would likely call it, an assault musket.

Curled up on the floor on Nov. 9? There’s no shame in that.

* * *


Now that the FBI and Secret Service have been deluged with alerts, Walsh confirmed to Yahoo News that he was “talking metaphorically” and would not literally be grabbing a musket.