As Twitchy reported, truly nasty woman Miley Cyrus made the rounds of George Mason University Saturday, canvassing for Hillary Clinton. Does that make students at UNLV the lucky ones? The knock on their dorm room doors Saturday turned out to be Katy Perry.

Um …

So, what would Perry have done if the students hadn’t confirmed they weren’t voting for Trump? It looks like there was some sort of implicit threat to keep the kids in line, and it worked.

That was close. Seeing as Perry, who turns 32 next week, was doing her best to fire up millennials, this is probably one of the funniest lines, though it’s unclear whether she took it as a compliment that she was the student’s favorite artist, at least for a few years back in middle school. What is America coming to when toddlers can buy guns but aren’t allowed to vote?

Perry better have knocked pretty loud so the students could hear over the noise of the bus backing over her parents.

Who wouldn’t be swayed by arguments like these?