The night after Wednesday’s debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met again at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, where unfortunately for Trump, the audience wasn’t compelled to stay silent.

Viewers at home are certainly welcome to make up their own minds about Trump’s performance as a comedian, but some vigorous booing from the audience made it pretty clear the jokes weren’t landing.

In fact, the crowd at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel didn’t hesitate to clear up Trump’s confusion over whether they were booing him or Hillary, the butt of his jokes.

Considering the dinner was a benefit supporting Catholic Charities, the audience did not react at all well to Trump’s jab based on a leaked email in members of Clinton’s campaign described conservative Catholicism as an “amazing bastardization of the faith.”

We’d heard the peasants were revolting, but it was something to witness the high-society crowd trying to resist the urge to rush the podium.

Considering all of the things Trump has said throughout his campaign, it’s surprising that his bomb of a joke about Clinton hating Catholics was considered the point where he crossed the line.

Is it possible to cringe and laugh at the same time? People laugh at Amy Schumer’s jokes, so anything’s possible.

Hard to believe, but Hillary Clinton’s routine went over much better with the audience and the press.

Now this was a hit:

Fact-check: True.

* * *

Here’s a transcript, complete with boos, showing just where things went off the rails.


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