When a 15-year-old girl asked Hillary Clinton a question about body image earlier this month, the Democratic nominee was ready. She was prepared. She was really, really, really well prepared, answering with such enthusiasm one could be forgiven for thinking she was almost expecting the question, which just happened to reflect the message of her recently released “Mirrors” ad.

Naturally, the New York Times and friends were blown away by Clinton’s response.

Very ready, indeed — check out her peerless advice to address body shaming by refuting it and ignoring it simultaneously.

Obviously, Donald Trump has taken a beating all week long over allegations he did much more than insult Miss Universe, but even his hot mic moment with Billy Bush compelled some very high-ranking Republicans to call for him to step aside and hand the nomination to his running mate, Mike Pence.

It has to be difficult to be Pence these days; he’s sticking by Trump despite rumors he was going to walk at any moment. Even then, most reporters are only interested in how he manages to keep defending the top of the GOP ticket.

Campaigning in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, Pence spoke briefly with Scott Light, political anchor of WBNS.

Light mentioned that a Girl Scout troop had been through the station recently, and one 11-year-old Scout for some reason told staffers, completely unsolicited, that Trump’s words about women’s looks made her feel bad.

Pence obviously was not very ready to be asked what he’d say to that 11-year-old and was ridiculed, with fervor.

See how much better things would have been if Pence had stepped in to deprive progressives of the whole “War on Women” narrative?

They say a vice president’s job is simply to attend funerals and counsel young girls on body image issues — none of which were planted by the liberal elite who dominate the entertainment and fashion industries, of course.

That Pence would fall back on issues like national security and the economy … let’s just say whichever staffer at the TV station cured that little girl of her self-esteem problems ought to run in 2020 — body image issues are making people do crazy things out there.