It’s pretty clear that Donald Trump wasn’t joking when he said he was finally free from his shackles, because whatever restraints his new campaign team was using to keep him tied to that teleprompter are nowhere to be found.

Hillary Clinton wisely is laying low in advance of the third presidential debate and letting the media take care of her opponent, and at one of three campaign stops Saturday, Trump suggested that Clinton was off “getting pumped up” for next Wednesday’s debate, apparently with the help of some unspecified pharmaceutical.

Trump admitted he “doesn’t know what’s going on” with his opponent — she was a little low-energy toward the end of last Sunday’s debate — but said he’s willing to take a drug test before their third and final match-up.

Sure he’s being ridiculed for suggesting it, but what harm could it do, considering how Howard Dean and others have implied he was on cocaine during the first debate. To be honest, a lot of people would pay good money for whatever miracle cure Clinton was given at her daughter’s apartment after collapsing at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.

Actress Carrie Fisher is among those who suggested Trump was on drugs at the debates and posted her own drug test for the GOP nominee.

Democrats are having fun with the idea too, but probably not enough fun to actually agree to the challenge. As long as the networks are marketing these debates like boxing matches, they really ought to go all the way and have the candidates weigh in as well to make sure they’re slim and trim enough for the job.

He’s certainly off message, but it’s not like he has anything to lose.