Whoever said an animated GIF is worth a thousand words was on to something, as there’s no better way to describe the flood of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump breaking Wednesday night.

The New York Times was likely hoping to have the spotlight Wednesday evening with its account of two women who claim Donald Trump touched them inappropriately, but additional claims published in other outlets are making the headlines too.

The Trump campaign has responded already to the New York Times article in the form of a statement from Jason Miller, who called the entire article “fiction.”

One of the co-writers of the piece says that Trump himself had already gotten in touch, calling her a “disgusting human being.”

But wait … there’s more.

And these …

Rolling Stone reports that Cassandra Searles responded to her own Facebook post on Trump’s treatment of pageant contestants, adding that “he continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room.” For its part, the Palm Beach Post is offering an exclusive account of an alleged incident 13 years ago when Trump groped Mindy McGillivray, who was 23 at the time.

Trump already was in big trouble over his “locker room talk” that leaked last week, but CNN’s Dylan Byers stepped in it big-time with a since-deleted tweet noting the coincidental timing of the stories.

Apparently it most certainly does not not go without saying.


Uh oh. He tweeted that out loud, didn’t he?

That’s purely speculation, but this is CNN, where there’s no room for anything but the facts, which on occasion might be presented in context-shredding shorthand or read from a printout of a Talking Points Memo email blast.

Is it possible that more women felt compelled to come forward after seeing the second presidential debate? Absolutely.

Isn’t it a little suspicious, though, that the #TrumpTapes leaked last Friday, the debate aired Sunday, and yet so many stories broke on social media within an hour on Wednesday night? Or are there just so many allegations in the pipeline that by Friday, four stories in an hour won’t seem like a coincidence at all but just another day in October?

* * *


Forget about things letting up Thursday.