It’s been rumored for a while that Al Gore would be called in to help campaign for Hillary Clinton and fire up the millennials who were forced to watch his movie in school. That rumor finally came true Tuesday afternoon at Miami Dade College, which remains above sea level for the moment, but only because of President Obama’s magical power to slow the rise of the oceans.

Gore, not surprisingly, was there to back up Clinton’s promise to make the United States a green superpower and remind everyone just how boring “An Inconvenient Truth” really was. For her part, Clinton is going to see to it that American households are running on solar panels manufactured in the United States — why didn’t Obama think of that?

Clinton’s not a climate scientist and neither is Gore, but she took plenty of shots at the climate change deniers who weren’t willing to commit to the hard facts.

Likely more destructive because of climate change? Slow down, professor: was it, or wasn’t it? We were assured the science was settled.

Gore was anxious to talk about rising ocean levels and breeding conditions for disease-carrying mosquitoes, but he couldn’t possibly appear in Florida and let the opportunity pass to remind the audience how important it was to vote. At least a few in the audience knew what he meant when he called himself “Exhibit A” and broke into a chant of, “You won!”

Is there a masseuse in the house?

There didn’t seem to be any rush to stop the crowd from chanting; it looks like Hillary Clinton gave her fact checkers the day off.