Not that Hillary Clinton has any business criticizing people for what they are or aren’t doing at 3 a.m., but once Donald Trump took the bait and turned a promising first half of last Monday’s debate into a week’s worth of headlines about Alicia Machado, he really seemed determined to keep feeding the media and the Clinton camp material.

Hillary Clinton managed to wring a couple of applause lines (and media-ready sound bites) out of Trump’s early morning tweets.

A lot of reporters were pretty certain that Trump had pulled off a presidential campaign first in advising the American public to check out a sex tape, but the Los Angeles Times took things a step further and corrected Trump on his definition of “sex tape.” What sort of newspaper tweets about that at 12:30 in the morning?


To be fair, the paper does have a point, and the article was tongue-in-cheek, so to speak. But since Donald Trump probably was too busy tweeting to benefit from the paper’s wisdom, who was the article for? It looks like the public didn’t exactly request this particular fact check.

Trump forced the paper to publish this article! We’d like to be talking about bettering our nation as well, starting from around the time a former president initiated a national conversation about whether oral sex was sex, and if lying was actually good for a relationship.

And take some refresher classes on gender and sexuality using those free community college vouchers President Obama sent over while you’re at it.