So maybe the movie adaptation of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date didn’t exactly rake in the bucks (grossing $6.2 million since its release in late August), but who could resist this story: a man and his wife find themselves suddenly unemployed, dead broke, and kicked out of their taxpayer-subsidized house, only for her to work her way up the ladder, assume his old job, and move them back in as millionaires.

It’s a story that has inspired some well-known actors to put on a show to make sure it comes true. The group Broadway for Hillary is whipping up a mini-Oscars of sorts (yes, we meant to say Oscars) to raise money for the Hillary Clinton campaign, but get your tickets quickly — the cheap seats for “Broadway for Hillary with Chelsea” are gone, but the Changemaker package is still available for $10,000.

It’s a shocker all right — shocking that it took this long. Wasn’t she supposed to have this thing in the bag by now?

Billy Crystal is booked to host the event, which will feature some of the biggest names on Broadway, including one or two names people might recognize, such as Hugh Jackman, Emily Blunt, and Helen Mirren. There are some Americans involved, too: Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Matthew Broderick, and Anne Hathaway will appear as well.

It’s about time Broadway got its act together: Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, and Jimmy Buffet already did the music supergroup thing, the Avengers have assembled a super PAC, and even the fashion world pitched in to help the daughter of a fabric cutter freshen up her line of “Grillary Clinton” barbecue aprons.

To tide you over until Oct. 17, here’s a white-hot video of several Broadway classics rewritten with Hillary Clinton-themed lyrics.

Not to suggest that a large portion of the arts community that originally backed another horse still silently feels the Bern or anything, but composer Seth Bisen-Hersh noted that “it is clear from the earnest passion and enthusiasm of the performers that they are intent on dispelling any rumors that Clinton’s supporters are reluctant or begrudging.”

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