When we most recently heard from Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed, he was lending his two cents to the #AfterSeptember11 hashtag, recalling how he was “falsely accused, humiliated, and fingerprinted” at 14.

Mohamed, whose detention by police led President Obama himself to invite the high schooler to bring his “cool clock” to the White House, is apparently still stinging over the humiliation, so much so that his father, Mohamed Mohamed, has filed a defamation suit on Ahmed’s behalf demanding apologies and retractions from several defendants.

In case you’d missed it, this is the second lawsuit filed. The first, filed last November, demanded $10 million from the City of Irving, Texas, and $5 million from the school district along with an apology.

According to NBCDFW.com, the new lawsuit demands apologies and on-air retractions from a list of pundits and politicians, including Glenn Beck and The Blaze, Ben Shapiro, and Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

The lawsuit, which can be read in full here, runs 21 pages, about five of which are a biography of Ahmed’s father and a summary of Ahmed’s life story through age 13; the suit notes that in sixth grade, “Kids called him Sausage Boy and Bacon Boy because he did not eat pork.” None of those kids seems to have been named Glenn Beck or Ben Shapiro, though.

Shapiro is accused of “making fun of both the President and Ahmed” during a Fox News appearance last October, saying that Ahmed’s quick meet-and-greet with Obama at Astronomy Night was a “bit of a downgrade” from the “star-studded event we expected between the President and Ahmed Mohamed where the President was going to knight him, give him the Order of Merit and then declare him the greatest scientist since Isaac Newton.”

Our verdict? That’s pretty damn funny.

The suit also tells the touching story of a picture of a horse that Ahmed drew in the third grade that brought a teacher to tears.

How is that at all relevant to the defamation claim, you ask? Maybe a lawyer can explain that to us.