We think Sarah Silverman lists “comedian” as her occupation, so maybe this is the same sort of meta-joke that had ’em in stitches at the Democratic National Convention as she and fellow master of improvisation Sen. Al Franken attempted to stall for time.

That’s got to be a joke on several levels, right? The giveaway isn’t the bit about Hillary Clinton but the Purple Hearts — no one’s that ignorant.

Then again …

Wait, there’s more, and the ellipses suggest there’s some sort of logical conclusion right up ahead.

Is this the punchline? Comedy isn’t like we remember it being back in the old days; you know, funny. There’s a lesson to be learned here, but we have no clue what it might be. Maybe some of these folks got the joke.

It’s getting all warm and fuzzy in here. Well, it was.

They’re still feeling that burn.

* * *