Judicial Watch agreed this week to give Hillary Clinton two additional weeks to answer, under oath, 25 written questions. Originally due at the end of the month, Clinton asked for an extension due to “unavailability of counsel and the press of campaign business.”

Clinton, of course, was off of the campaign trail for a few days this week following a hasty exit from a 9/11 memorial service, which was attributed to the heat, dehydration, and/or pneumonia, which led to a fainting spell that her husband says occurs either frequently or rarely.

Judicial Watch submitted the list of questions to Clinton August 30. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered the questions answered in writing within 30 days, but Judicial Watch agreed to push the deadline back until Oct. 13.

The list of 25 questions has been posted to Judicial Watch’s website and covers such topics as whom Clinton consulted before setting up the clintonemail.com server, what reasons besides “convenience” factored into her decision to set up her own email server, and what communications took place between Clinton and aide Bryan Pagliano (who recently ignored a subpoena to appear before the House Oversight Committee) regarding the preservation, deletion, or destruction of emails.

Two more weeks!

This must be one of those tasks that even strong-like-a-bull Clinton couldn’t manage to just “push through.” She did manage to campaign on the road Thursday and tape an appearance on “The Tonight Show” Friday, though.

Place your bets now on Clinton actually providing written answers by the new deadline.