OK, this is pretty funny. The next issue of TIME to turn up in your doctor’s waiting room with the address label torn off will feature on the cover “The New Politics of Late Night,” a 500 million-word piece profiling TV comics and their approach to the 2016 election — a “flowering of political satire” that “could be a unique moment in American comedy.”

Fortunately, the punchline is right up front: “In a wild election with a ripe orange target, comics are ditching balance and taking sides.”

So, how far back does Richard Zoglin reach to find the point when late-night political comedy was balanced? Not far enough. Though both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno are name-checked, he quotes Samantha Bee, former “Daily Show” correspondent, as noting that former host Jon Stewart “worked really hard to try to be nonpartisan.”

What makes this moment in comedy so unique? Donald Trump, obviously. Zoglin writes, “It’s hard to imagine similar passion being directed at a President Hillary Clinton or a stonewalling Republican Congress.”

Nope, it boggles the mind to find anything about Clinton to ridicule. Note, of course, that Bee, who is quoted extensively in the piece, on Thursday offered up a Donald Trump “Operation Game,” itself a stale rehash of a New York Post cover lampooning Hillary Clinton. Apparently an original joke is hard to imagine, too.

Also found in TIME’s Twitter feed Thursday:

If you are trapped in an airport or dentist’s office and your iPhone battery dies, don’t reach for a copy of TIME in desperation; the cover story is summed up below at no cost to you.

Trump is orange? Now that’s funny. Hillary Clinton has her traveling press pool rolling questions to her scrawled on an orange in Sharpie? No humor value there.

Here’s a big spoiler from the article: David Letterman wasn’t actually as apolitical as he seemed, and even “allowed his left-of-center leanings to peek through toward the end of his run.” Mind blown, right?

* * *