When we last checked in on Jesse Ventura in May, the former governor of Minnesota was entertaining a fantasy of serving as Donald Trump’s vice president, noting that Trump “would have to ask” first, obviously.

Ventura has since popped back up to promote his book, “The Marijuana Manifesto,” throw his support behind Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and announced that he would have beaten both Trump and Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, had he run.

Yahoo News editor Dylan Stableford summed up Ventura’s wide-ranging interview this way: “If it were up to Jesse Ventura, marijuana would be legal, Gary Johnson would be president … and American media companies would act more like Russia’s.” All he had to do was run. Fortunately, he explained, he decided he didn’t want the job of cleaning up after “a 150-year mess I didn’t make.”

If that weren’t enough, Ventura also followed the lead of Trump and Gov. Mike Pence and heaped praise on Russian president Vladimir Putin for guaranteeing him the freedom of speech he doesn’t enjoy in the United States.

“I just signed a contract with the only people that let me speak freely: Russia,” Ventura told Yahoo News, speaking about his television show on RT America. “I met Vladimir Putin in December and he assured me he will never interfere in anything I talk about.”

And in case there was any doubt, Ventura made it clear that the president should be able to smoke pot in the Oval Office. Is it too late for President Obama to rescind his Hillary Clinton endorsement?

* * *