Obviously, event organizers are always going to tend to overstate attendance, and trying to estimate crowd size from photographs is a losing game: someone will always accuse the photographer of framing the picture to make the audience seem larger or smaller.

Brian Abel of KSHB in Kansas City, Mo., was willing to put his professional reputation on the line Thursday after his photos from Rev. Hillary Clinton’s sermon at the National Baptist Convention suggested that not everyone was in the mood for church on a Thursday afternoon.

Wow, that’s a lot of chairs. Still, give it a half-hour.

This reporter is obviously in the tank for Donald Trump. How much is he paying you to report these lies, Brian? Why don’t you post pictures of the crowd during her speech?

OK then.

Now that’s what we were saying about framing a photo. “Hi, we’re from the New York Times … can we have permission to publish your photo on the front page tomorrow?”

Even Rev. Hillary has trouble getting masses in pews these days; anyone remember this July sermon in Cleveland?


And we have the attendance figures, so just forget about those deceptive photos. Drum roll please …

Can we get a hallelujah? A hearty golf-clap? Some loud crickets?

* * *